Welcome To Amipure Games Federation Of India.

Our Vision is to provide our country people with top of the line Games training with great service, from top organizations with instructors who are constantly working on being better Player

It is our belief that people want a safe place to train and experiment in training to find out what will work for them.

We are more concerned with a Player actual progress and knowledge than how many belt tests they’ve taken. To us it’s not about the color of your belt but what you actually know, perform and your character.

Our Mission or Main Goal is to help you improve yourself using the Games techniques as the vehicle for personal growth and development.

We want to provide our Player with several options of Games training that fit their personalities and goals.

Player are taught to understand how to handle and identify confrontation and learn methods in defending themselves and their loved ones in all forms of combat resolution regardless if verbal, weapon based, stand-up or ground confrontations.

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Are you ready to Learn Games from Our Experts and Create our Country a Safe Place to Live and grow together. AGFI is a place where talent will be nurtured and will be given a necessary platform to showcase the talent. So Contact us and Join Our Academy